The life

So I haven’t been posting here, since I’ve been…

100_1258 …reflecting on Life, God, Purpose and Peace, and of course some long naps.

100_1251 …making cakes or muffins for Queen’s Day.

100_1252 …eating the lekker mixture.

100_1253 …wondering if they will actually turn out ok.

100_1256 …contemplating if this is how they are supposed to look and then realizing that yes, that muffins are not cakejes.

100_1295 …and enjoying Queen’s Day, which was more like Christmas where I finally bought myself my so-longed-wished-for skates. And everyone gets new old things, how great is that!

[Picture of skates to be inserted here]

…and making of falling on my butt a perfect skill. (evading dog poop on the first by an inch) Gotta love the people’s encouragement. “Hoe oud ben je?” “22.” “ Eerst proveren?” “Ja.” “Success!” . Back at home would be, “HAHAHAHA!!!! ON YOUR BUTT! You shouldn’t be trying at your age!”

…oh, en denken over je… <3 :)

(More pics on flickr)

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