Motherly feeling en mijn BOEK!

I’m starting to feel like dad with us as kids. You know, when all you find yourself thinking about (other than your personal projects) is what can you make or get for the kids to be happy and exited about. I’ve been looking for days for patterns online that the girls would have fun with doing, and can actually do. My latest idea is mostly build a doll house, and get them decorating it, painting it, making the things for inside, and so on. It’s really fun so I will do it once I find the perfect cardboard, box or wood, whichever appears first for free XD recycle recycle :P

Also planning on some other small things but those are more like gifts. So yea, but I find myself doing that >< “oh the girls would love this!”; “oh the girls would love doing this”; “oh ties would enjoy this”; ect ect >> I feel like my dad now lol

Anyway, long weekend for me, which I will use mostly to work on my book :) YES! I finally have a story board completed to work with. It’s a simple children story but I felt inspired to write it. If I like how it turns out I might do more. For now it’s just 20 pages long, not counting cover and so on. And I mean 20 pages WITH illustrations :P, so it’s not that long, but good enough for ages 5 or so. I’m really exited about it ^^! I want it to be Saturday already to dedicate to it! I will be making it both English and Spanish, and a Dutch version for the girls XD for which I will need help from my dutchies friends lol But yea, it turned out to be one I like a lot. Nothing big, but simple and special for me.

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