Life with the Dutchies

So, taking into account that I’ve been here… 4 months I think, yes. I am actually learning to talk and understand dutch quicker than expected. Yesterday while hanging out with Sharee (a close-by aupair FINALLY), a women stop and ask me to lend her my phone. And I understood every single word as in the whole why she needed it because she lost her and her family was waiting and she couldn't contact them yadayada. (Which I wonder if it was even true because she didn’t knew how to press the numbers <<….)

ANYWAY, thing is, I am actually understanding most of what people tell me. I am tempted to join a knitting class on Tuesday <<… just to be involved with more dutch people LOL. It’s during the day, and I am free… but yea >>… to do or not to do. So, is not thanks to my classes though :/ they are boring actually. It’s more because I am forced to use it with the kids and in the street. I only use english in the street when I have NO IDEA what they are saying.

It gets warm, it gets cold, and it’s annoying :P At least I don’t have to wear more coats ^^

The days fly :x Looking forward to tomorrow and next days, thanks that I met Sharee at least taking care of Ties won’t be so routine <<… Looking forward to the weekend as yea <3!!! :P And basically looking forward to any surprise life brings me YAY! Oh, and just so the world know, I will make my art as big as Precious Moments or Hello Kitty! ><! YOU’LL SEE! XP!

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