Fun Days

So, how to start, I really really love the days when I only have the girls. Not that I don’t love Ties (adore him) but it’s more relaxing and fun for the girls. And I can actually play with them instead of trying to keep Ties from destroying anything they make. I woke up feeling lazy not feeling like working, but I had to. But as soon as I started (they woke up), I find myself enjoying back those ages of glory and pure fun. God I miss them.

I finally ride the new bakfiets (forgot pic ><) And I LOVE it, LOVE hoor! L O V E  IT! It’s heavy, heck yes, but sooo manageable. J said turns weren’t as nice as with the other one but I actually found it easy and so light to turn, my back don’t hurt out of it XD and that is something I won’t complain EVER. NOW, my legs might start to hurt out of the strength I have to do, but that’s while they get in shape. Anyway!

My legs WILL get in shape, as I’m also learning to skate (LOVE love love love love) LOL Specially Keet loving it, it’s a fun hobby to do with her, while Puck really is not that much into it. Not that her skates help her –.- she SO need new better ones. But yea, such a beautiful day, we skated for a bit in the park and then make sandcastles! Well… I made, they kept bringing me the sand making me make it >>

100_1388 100_1404

Mooi eh?

100_1386 100_1391

Then we went back to the house, and turn ourselves into the princesses we already are. (click for larger view if too small)

100_1408100_1415100_1419 100_1418100_1420100_1421

I’m happy to inform that they all listening well, and obeying just great. Specially Keet, she treats me so great so far! I’m amazed!


As for the rest, still learning how to do better some thing or two. Getting there, trying hard, I’m just glad we have a bakfiets again XD No more back or arm aches out of shopping >>… OR no more HEAD aches out of watching 3 – 4 kids in bikes + me and cars…<< eek. I’m now amazed how my mom managed 5 of us all by herself >>… then again, we were good kids =D we ALWAYS listened. :) And so do them. <3

Today was a wonderful day.

OH OH! forgot! Yesterday I went to the Asian festival! :P! Ummm… food… yes… I dislike Asian food, until I tasted the meat, as long as it’s spicy, it’s hella yummy! But everything sweet has a weird flavor to it >< not horrible, just very strange for me. Well, if I see I am forced to eat some, I’m not gonna eat everything asian… but at least one or two things I can. OH! But I did ate fried bananas, I MISSED THEM!!!! I want more >>….

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