*listen to the steps and make sure they playing good before continue typing*… Ok… I’m over the top stressed… so stressed I could faint or sleep right away, whichever comes first, but yea, numb. Thing is, on Wednesday the girls only have half day of school. And I pray they either go play with someone or someone come here to play, as then, i have to leave them alone. And after a whole morning with cranky Ties, that is what I want the most, to leave them alone so I can relax.

There was a whole misunderstanding with the day Puck’s friend was supposed to be here. J told me she would come today. So what happened was the following:

Ties was hungry and started to be difficult. Then I arrived at school 20 mins earlier (thank god). And Keet told me that they told Ella’s mom (her friend who is coming with me) that she was on her bike and she told me that Ella now too. So, I had to run back (literally) to pick up her bike at home after I brought it and take it with the bakfiets and an annoyed Ties. When I arrived at school, I pick up Puck, and ask her about Nika, she said she doesn’t know if she was supposed to come. I didn’t saw her aupair, and she was alone. So I supposed she must come with me after all. So I go down to pick up Keet and Ella, (her mom thankfully helping me with all the mess and the busyness) while I see if Nika’s aupair was down with her sister. But her sister was not there. So I supposed she already went away with her aupair so I had to take Nika. Turns out Ella didn’t had a bike. So… 5 kids, one bakfiets and a bike.

Ella’s mom helped me on how to manage it. Puck and Nika walked, Ella in the bakfiets with all the coats (it was extremely warm today) and Ties behind, oh and Keet on her bike natuurlijk. I had to walk, except when Puck and Nika ran, then I could bike. After I arrived here, I start to make the toasties (5 sets + my bread) right away. All the screaming and shouting and running in the background. Then, Keet pick up the phone, it was Nika’s aupair. Turns out she planned for tomorrow not today. And she sent her father to pick her up but he was late, hence I didn’t saw anyone. They were all crazy searching around school for her.  The whole misunderstanding raised my stress level even more. At the point of shouting at Ties “YES!” when he insisted on “kijk die!”. And when picking up a mess they made with honey I let the peanut butter jar fall, breaking in pieces. Fortunately it was empty. But I’m starting to see that if I’m stress I better sit down for a bit or end up breaking stuff. <<

Well, the missing girl problem was clarified. They picking her up at 3pm. She ask me to take her instead but I have way too many kids here. It’s like I’m constantly aupairing for 5 kids instead of 3. Well, now, it was so warm, that we didn’t wore our coats. And I left Keet’s coat and bag in school, because well, i check and didn’t saw them where they always are. So I thought Keet had them. in all the confusion on who goes with who and how, I forgot to ask Keet about them. Until we got home and she told me we left them. GREAT!… fortunately it’s very warm so it’s not “necessary” but I hope it don’t get stolen.

Anyway… now I need to relax before I have to make the kids eat later. I hate that part… but their mom bought pancakes, so maybe should be easier today. I hope. *breaths*

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