Warm days

Lovely warm days, although with too much clothing and bakfiets you sweat like a pig. Everyone is in love with the warm weather. Even me who can now go with just one light shirt out, FINALLY. I hated having my arms almost restricted by s much sleeves. Still, I'm used to having fans in these temperatures, which means here I feel it twice as warm as it should be. And my body was getting used to cooler temperatures. But oh well, these are beautiful bright shiny days. I just want a fan before summer! >>
I feel more adapted now, is like I do everything automatic. P taught me an expression today (which i forgot already), in english was it might appear in the papers". Since when I got to the girls they were all dress, including Ties :0, then we were like... 15 mins early to go XD
but yea :) hoping for a nice weekend now, weather wise too.

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