My future?

Where to start… first, I’m ok. Been on a rollercoaster for the past few days. Other than that, Puck is being sweet, Keet bipolar and Ties is being… Ties. The bakfiest got stolen yesterday. So I had to walk with the kids, as my own back is on standby for a new tire, I will pick it up at 5 today. Sunny sunny all week long, for 2 weeks now actually.

Well, other than that, thinking on whether it was worth for me to stay here or not. And if so, how. I searched non-stop, until I found an American university in Leiden. Turns out, they have a counseling MA, and turns out all their credit requirement, I have them. All those “extracurricular” classes I took back in my bachelor degree, can actually be worth the while. I can afford it as it’s an American university, hence I can apply for student loan with my American papers, I will try out for a grant also if possible. If not, try hard between part time job and the loan. The total expense for me is around 28K USD. A loan should cover half or a bit more, I don’t know, I ask my sister to check it.

Well, am I sure about this? No. Do I want to give it a try? Yes. I want to stay here, and if that is the way, then maybe there’s a reason, and maybe in the future I am the hero of some people that need some guidance in this so called life. It should be a two year study program on full-time. So that means I could be officially staying in NL for 3 years. And then we’ll see. The hardest part comes with acceptance, as they are picky, one of the best international USA institutions. But I am aware that I’m capable of it, still as any human, I wonder.  We’ll see. I’ll keep you in tune.

Oh, the university is Webster University.

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