1. It’s getting warmer! Except when it rains <<… ugh… today was windy, VERY, but yea, the temperature is good. :)

2. Constructions constructions… I finally get rid of the one on the sidewalk to my house… and now we have one right before crossing the street –.- it’s annoying if you are trying to not fall from a bakfiets with 3 kids… So it seems I will never get rid of them and I will just have to learn not to fall…

3. Probably I will be given more money monthly and I will be buying my food with it. Cause yea, tracking buying tickets it’s annoying for both me and my hosts. Especially if I have my own fridge. :P So yea, she gave me that option which I find way better.

4. The kids are great. :)

5. I got my museum card and finally saw The Van Gogh museum! <3333!!!!! LOVE IT! (more than Rijk’s O.o) Was so fun and colorful… and this one lovely painting I would like to own but as dreams go… I will just try to replicate it XD! It was a japanese blossom on pastel colors, so beautiful… I want it! <<… and as always… they didn’t had the card for it >< Why they never have the cards of the ones I like???? :(

<—That’s it, but… the real one looks so much better :x so beautiful <3

6. On weekend I meet a LOT of latin aupairs. My social life is starting to improve. Love them! They are really warm and fun XD I missed that latin touch lol even if I personally don’t have it. Hopefully we will go out more :) One of them lives close by yayness!

7. Seeing new aupairs at the school, wonder if I can meet them, but they are all on the “scary-look-quietly” phase XD I remember when I was there. But now I’m very comfortable :) even with new people I’m starting to be more social! I’m so happy about that!

8. Last, Illustration! Got a collab project with a WONDERFUL story… which I personally identify with << I find that so funny and creepy in a good way. LOL But yea, this is going good, after posting this, I will keep working on the character designs. I will give it my best as this will be a big part of my portfolio. <33!

9. Extra: wonderful country indeed ^^

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