Then they said me “detecting” alcohol was over-reacting.

So I went out this weekend with dutch friends :P <3 u all100_0277

So I had my first cocktail. << So, I hate it. LOL, ok not hate, but really, I didn’t enjoyed it. I drank it all, but the taste of alcohol was too strong for my liking. I like softer flavor in EVERYTHING. –.- So I order Pina Colada thinking would be better, YUCK! That one I couldn’t drink at all. >>

So, the next day they were surprised of how calmly I tried a beer. ;P Beer have softer flavor than those things. >> And I know how one taste like. It’s just not a preferred flavor. But I enjoyed it. One is ok I guess I don’t mind drinking one with friends.

:P But yea, the reason me disliking alcohol so much, it’s too strong for my taste buds, just like chilli. >>


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