Well, things are going ok. Ties is listening to me more. The girls too. Keet is being her difficult self. But P told me she would always fight with the previous au pair. LOL No wonder she gets angry when I laugh. I don’t get angry at her if she is angry at me, unless I have a reason. And that annoys her. But oh well, another friday. Weeks are flying by and spring is here. I hope I can go to keukenhof around April, depending on the events they have. Need to recheck calendar.

The rain stop for now. It’s a new shiny day, and warm too.

P is early home, he is surprised at the fact I nap. << lol… pple don’t nap here? XD He asked me if I get enough sleep. i do most of the time, but I just love naps in mid-day. Specially if I’m done with my shores, to recover my energy. It’s nice.

I should go outside though. Around the park now, and then to pick up the girls.


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