March Updates

- Haven’t written but, been busy. The kids are getting along with me great. Specially my lovely Ties. At times he is just an annoying lil’ brat but I still love him anyway, he can be the sweetest. XD

- Been working harder now. Trying also to save up more money instead of wasting it. Trying to keep track of EVERYTHING I spend and do. And wondering why sometimes are few euros are missing from my card. << But, all this is making me grow at a quicker phase than I excepted. The responsibility, the kids, the cooking learning, the money management, the cleaning of my own whole apartment. Sometimes it’s all overwhelming, as back at home it was only my room, my studies; no worries on my money or food, nor about other people. But at the same time I am grateful I am doing so now, it’s new, it’s different, and I’m learning. Sometimes quicker than others. But from last week, it’s more quicker. ^^

- Trying to learn more dutch. I’ve found myself understanding a bit more now. Although not when they speak too quick. Even though my classes are quiet boring for me, the teacher knows this and try to go at quicker phase which is good for my attention spam XD So I’m learning, I just need to stop being lazy and practice writing sentences and small essays so I can remember how to use the words.

- Looking forward to this weekend! Expect pictures!

- Now I’m just lazing in this Tuesday, even though sunny and nice, just because I want to draw draw and draw (both the collab. project and my story). And plan for the weekend, and learn dutch, and just do a lot of things indoor. Because well, weekends I can’t. So I use the week for those things. :)

- To all my people, hope you are all doing well. <3

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