I have a camera!


I finally bought it! I was searching online till I found one that I could afford and was good enough. So yea, that is the investment of the month. No more spending for now except the already planned expenses. But I mean, no new clothing, no more new shoes or even accessories. XD <3 my camera!

Today is Sunday, when I woke up it was sooo rainy and windy I was like “uh oh”, this is going to be bad. But I kept hoping, “maybe after 1pm it gets sunny”. Well, around 10 am the sun came out and by 12pm the sky was clear blue. The wind was still strong but not as yesterday or Friday, which was annoying. I even walked the streets with my jacket open because it was perfect. The wind makes it colder than it should be. So I got my camera, memory card and rechargeable batteries (which were ummm… expensive. But I think it’s the cheapest I could find –.- and only one left). So anyway, I’m very happy with it. I went to Dam Square where they were giving an african music show. Reminded me of home… :) made my heart butter. So I just stay there among the huge crowd listening and resisting the urge to just… dance. << Anywayyyyy, I took pics and then went to Vondelpark, to actually explore it all, since in winter I hated going there. But now, so sunny, so nice, so green. Everyone was enjoying it, the children’s parks were packed, people sitting near the lakes, and I even found the garden. But was really dry still, have to wait for that one to be pretty. They still working on some areas of the park, which annoys me, but oh well, I hope it looks nice later on. But yea, bicycling there like that on this such day, felt like those sunny beach sundays at home. Exactly the same, except no one gets in the water, and they have lakes, not sea. lol But yea, the people-family-relaxing-in-the-sun feeling was there. Can’t wait till is warmer! :)!

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