So, J was on call yesterday so I have to help today with the kids. Which I don’t mind if they are like yesterday. If I go down and see they are watching TV on their parent’s bed, I will ask Paul if it is possible to not allow them TV until they are dressed. It is WAY easier to work like that. So I learned to make a pasta yesterday with P. Spinach, mushrooms, and blue cheese… I’m still amazed that I ate it without disgust. Not that I loved it, but I can get used to it too and be able to eat it with them. Well, then after that I bathed the kids, and it surprised me that Keet wanted to play with me, she was even attempting english, so cute! Then I took Toes out and dress him and he wanted me to read him a book. So I sat on the bed with him and started and then the girls came and sat too. It was so nice, I felt really good. :) P is very kind, it’s funny how I notice here most fathers are sweeter to the kids than the mothers. I don’t know why. I mean, J is sweet to them, but she is more in a hurry and busy with her own mind at times. When she is bored, she starts to play with them, until they don’t want her to, so she then goes read. Sounds a lot like me XD But then P reminds me of how my dad used to play with us, he really gives them a LOT of attention. He don’t have to force them to play with him, they just do. I think is probably the energy a father has compared to the mother. Was the same at home. Oh well.

Today I’m not sure what I will do once the kids go to school. I think I will go to the library and see if they have “the Unduchtables”. And draw more on the illustration project. And do some dutch homework, although I had too much practice yesterday. LOL Probably sleep too, haha. This weather just makes me want to sleep more. It’s not bad, but the wind is so cold. Oh well, I write more later.


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