Days like these

So, the little guy is learning to ride a bike. His first bike, is PINK.

The thing is, today is my whole day with him. So I planned at 10am to go to the park with the bike. My intention was the bakfiets, in case he gets tired of the bike, I would put it in the bak and him behind me. But, P took it, so I had to use my own bike. Thing is, I wanted him to use the bike back or I would be doomed. But… I indeed was. He had fun on the way to the park, in the park, but after, he was tired to use the bike (lazy). He would throw himself on the sidewalk (the one thing I hate the most). So I put him on the back of my bike and ride my bike, him and HIS bike. Hard thing, he figured as much and decided to walk. But end up throwing himself again. So I told him he could sit on the bank that was close by. So we sat for a bit, I started to get cold out of lack of movement.

So I make him go again. Out of the park, he threw himself in such a way, as if he was a puppet. In the street. I grab him, put him on his bike. SO I would pull both my bike and his with him on (which result in body ache now). But He was acting like such a puppet that he let himself fall of the bike. WTF! Who the heck let themselves fall! At least you try to grab onto something, but noooo he just let himself go to the floor. And started to cry. I told him very loudly and serious, “that’s what you get for acting so lazy, now walk!” and he started walking crying all the way for 30mins. A lady stop him while I struggled with the bikes and he was mean at her. So she made a thumbs down sign and told me “success” (good luck). XD

So all the way like that, the people would look at me with pitty. I was like, “someone help me”. I even considered locking my bike close to the park and go to the house, wait for J and go back to pick it up. << If it happens again I will. As that walk took me an hour, with a screaming kid. Sooo, I end up reaching the street, leaving the bikes on one side. Rapidly drag Ties inside the house, and go back to pick the bikes. he kept screaming. He finally calmed down and we had lunch. All forgiven. But gosh he got on my limit today. << Specially with me and headache.

On better things, Finally pretty sunsets here!


Kid’s not wanting to pose are better than those who do.


And, kid’s don’t care about girly bikes (everyone does ask me “he don’t care is pink?”, NO.)


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