I don’t feel like writing :) BUT, here’s a quick update before I go downstairs.

My stomach is better, but I really need to keep eating my usual size portions of food and not try to eat as much as people are used to here. Sometimes my eating habits are embarrassing, but having my stomach beg to stop for over three days was not funny. Anyway, back to my old self, actually feeling better after a rest weekend from my bike ;p My knees needed that. Now my bike feel smooooth instead of painful. Except the bakfiets… which I’m starting to use with the three kids on. << Oh well, we all learn.

Today we go to the IND for my resident appointment as Aupair. I hope all goes well. It will. :)

Yesterday was a nightmare as all mondays, BUT, I learned how to use the library here. So that’s good. And I hope next week the children finally eat what I make, which they tell me themselves they want, AND they eat once their father are here even though it’s still what I cook. *breaths* I actually made them wait for him at the table with me for some intervention. As the oldest one actually even got bellow the table not wanting to eat. And so he did, they made a “deal”, I just hope they stick to it. Because it’s not really nice spending 30mins cooking on hunger for them and having them not touch anything.

OMG… I hear birds! Actual pretty bird song!! XD! (Yea, haven’t heard them since I arrived.)

Oh, and it snowed again, A LOT.

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