So much for carrots

Ate too much yesterday, more than I'm used to. And I regret it.
Now I won't be able to eat carrots for a long while, as I trew them out...
Oh well, horribly out of strenght, lack of food because my stomach still feel weak, and lack of sleep cause I just couldnt. Try to solve the headache with some coffee, but yea, my stomach don't want anything yet. The kid is watching TV, I don't want to force him to do anything today, I lack the strenght. Me just wanna sleep and sleep. Oh well... I have to go out and do the shopping later, if I feel good once Ties finish napping. If not, I'll wait for his mom and then tell her how badly I woke up and go shop.

I miss my family now :) a lot. Guess it happens when I just need to be spoiled when feeling sick. ;x

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