On a lazy day

I sit on my bed/couch all day, running away from the cold just for one day ;x

I woke up, turn on the tv, started to watch dutch cartoons, from which I only understand 10%. :) But I’m hoping that will improve. I started dutch classes yesterday, it’s very weird how they teach but it’s fun too, and I feel comfortable. Too bad I only can once a week. Else my progress would be more.  But I decided to this time stop slacking and start to really make a HUGE effort on learning. I’m going to be seeing the same faces for a year, the same people in the supermarket, the same people in the bakery, the same people at school… basically, this is my life now. And I want to be part of it instead of just a passing shadow of a quiet sweet aupair. :)

Nu, I have to watch the kids later while their father come home since their mother is on duty from 4pm. No idea if I have to cook. I haven’t been downstairs since I woke up. And honestly don’t want to today XD It’s just too cozy right now here… oh well.

On other issues… to cut or not to cut. :x I would spend my whole life with short hair, cause I get lazy with it long. Well… I love how it looks now long, specially with the hair muss I bought it gets all nice and curly after shower. Maar, I really am lazy to brush it XD Only time I do is when I shower and wash it. Otherwise, I won’t, just some clip on front or headband, and later on a hat, then I wash it again. So I do wonder if I should cut it. It’s the first time I have it this long, I wanna see how long it can get before i can’t take it anymore. I just have to keep myself away form the hair salon down the corner. ;x And thus, yes, my hair is a big part of my life. XD

I’m looking for art classes… painting preferably. Don’t have to start right away, but would be a nice place to socialize and do something I love. But so hard to find one I can actually go to regarding time, cost, and place. The family is helping me find one, they did found some, but painting was full, and the other one start today… too early. I will keep searching… but I really am dying to paint… sigh. For now, I have to settle for pencil and sketchbook.

Hmmm… after the father comes I will do myself some nice pasta as dinner I think. I need a varied cook book! <<…

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