Is this normal????? I mean, when I was little I remember always willingly go to the market with mom, or if they say “let’s go here or there” I would always say yes enthusiastically. Same with my brothers and sisters and the other kids. Also both my niece and nephew have no problem to go out. They want to go out any chance they have. Well… Ties is sooo lazy, he never wants to, and I practically have to force him at my body expenses. I get kicked, slapped, and I have to get strength out of nowhere to get him ready. ALWAYS. Today P told me to try to take him to the zoo if I liked. Thing is, I want to. But he don’t want to. No matter what I ask or do, he just won’t. And I won’t force him… I shouldn’t have to, it’s a KID! He’s supposed to like going out! But noooo… sigh. If he wants to stay here and play here so be it, I’m not forcing him. I understand is annoying to get dress and go out in the cold.

Then the TV. J don’t want the watching too much TV. Only when she is tired, or when cooking, so they won’t be around the kitchen. I hide the remote far off their reach. Now here’s another comparison. Back at home, we would put the Tv for the kids, and sure they “watched” but they did other things while watching it. And they would just get tired of it. So there was no fighting about wanting to watch TV whatsoever. They didn’t watched a lot of TV because TV was not forbidden. Here, it is, so whenever they get the chance to watch it, they grab on to it as long as possible. Which is bad. Specially if you need to get them out. And then consider the language barrier which won’t allow me to black mail them or grant them prizes. So that’s out of question. Puck is being amazingly cooperative, except with food. NEXT!

The food. I know I was VERY picky with food at their age. And I mean seriously. I would hide the food however I could. These kids, won’t eat. My nephew can eat whatever you give him, so can my niece. So could everyone at home but me. Now… considering having 3 versions of me. Only eating for dinner fish sticks, chicken nuggets, potatoes or pasta. Every single night. Oh, and the pancakes on Fridays. And sometimes Ties won’t eat them. They just don’t like eating. If they are hungry they are happy with bread. But the rest… they just won’t eat. It’s annoying… and I don’t dare waste money on making them try new things because they won’t even eat right what they already eat.

Oh well… soon Ties goes nap… in like.. 2 hours… << soon, right. :) Oh well, I love him, but he is in such a pain of age.

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