In de Bibliotheek!!!!

So, the weather was horrible, like HORRIBLE! BUT, I managed to find it, the biggest library in Amsterdam. I saw it from far away and was like, “nah, that can’t be it…” And then, after some twist and turns, I find the way in, and… yes, that was it. A big, modern, beautiful, incredibly, biggest-i’ve-seen, library. I fell in love. THAT will be my hang-out-solo spot from now on. I can even use the computer for free! And for some small price I can watch documental, movies and stuff! I can bring my laptop or a notebook and pen, even my sketchbook with art books; sit in the beautiful children area, and enjoy myself with new and old knowledge as well as entertainment.

What I did today was see all the sections they had and what kind of books they had. For my surprise, the language section was the smallest. But good if I go with a notebook and spend at least an hour learning a bit more. The cooking section was HUGE… so yea. There’s even an english fiction section <333 And in the children’s are, the english books, heck I would just sit to read them! The reading hours for kids are on Tuesday, by AMERICANS, so that means probably ENGLISH books. I’m SOOO going next week if I don’t end up planning anything else.

All in all, I fell in love with it. I wanna go again! But not today. LOL

Oh, and I have the family’s pass card to borrow books too. But I won’t do that because; a: I want to spend the time at home working on my illustrations; b: because that means I can spend hour sin the library without bother just reading a book.

So yea. <3!


Oh, I saw “NEMO” on the way too… I want to go there, just not alone. XD

And last, while in there, using the computer, I did some research on children books publishing houses. Found some good ones, along with the ones I had, I’ll do some bit more research before I send the first set of postcards.

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