February Updates

So I haven’t write in a while. Well, been busy busy and lazy. XD

1. The kids are getting more used to me by the time. Slowly eating more of what I make. With ties it takes me more than half an hour to get him to eat. But oh well, at least he is doing so.

2. Not getting lost now, feel better now, feels like I’ve been here forever. Still lots of unexplored places but oh well. I have a whole year.

3. I need to do some adjustments on how I spend my money, a card is not helping. So next month I just take out all the money and divide what I need to save and what I can spend.

4. I seriously need a camera :( pwease hurry.

5. Vacations next week!

6. What I’ve been doing? Reading, learning, adapting to the kids, bicycling till my knees hurt (like now) XD and staying warm. lol

<3 all fun and good ^^

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