A weekend in Dam Square

Where to start ><

Loved it.

Umm… I found my first perv… lol, funny situation XD as if I was so stupid. I just could laugh after he finally gave up LOL

The day was beautiful.

Just perfect.

Sunday! Rijksmuseum :P I was going to save the ticket << can’t find it. I wanted to put it in the scrapbook I bought to record the places I go to. :(

But yea, I saw snow! A bit only, but snow! I was soooo happy! XD Like a little kid. After that, I got lost… (see map 3)



Red: destination

green: home

Yellow: the path I end up in when going back home.

F A I L !




Now, tomorrow I start my dutch classes :)

not in the mood to write details now XD so oh well

I hope I soo start meeting more people that I feel with so I can hang out with them instead of going around on my own. Not that I mind, I like it, but it will come a point when it will be boring :P

A quick video from my cellphone XD

I so wish I could skate for once in my life :(

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