A month

Well, today is my first month here. :)

What to say about it… hmm… XD don’t feel like writing.

But, my feet hurt like crazy ;p so do my knees. So I refused to use the bakfiets today. Haha

Things start to go smoothly when it comes to the kids. I’m going around them with tricks and such that I manage. Still a bit of work to do when it come sto some house matters I keep forgetting. But I will manage that soon too.

I bought a painting kit and two canvas. I was walking around Anne Frank house, and there I saw it, this HUGE art shop. For beggingers and profesional alike, cheap and expensive stuff (although brushes were extra expensive). Fell in love with that store! <<… Already made the sketch on one and will start to work on it tomorrow. Or tonight if I can’t sleep (just had coke and in mood for some warm capuchino ;x). Downloaded a few movies… hmmm… weird lonely celebration huh? :P (pathetic much? XD) But it’s coooold!!! It snowed a lot today, a LOT! So pwety :) and it was sunny too. So it wasn’t freezing cold. So yea…

With the language, I see improvement. I can communicate a bit more with the kids. P force me to use dutch and I manage. In the store they use dutch with me, so I try my best to understand and answer and I will say “Sorry, I don’t understand” as a last resource. So that way I understand the translation and next time I know what they said. And I’m understanding 80% of what they saying, unless they use a strange new word I don’t know or speak too fast. And I’m forcing myself to ask for things in dutch plus saying common courtesy things like please, sorry, may I, etc. At this stage, I am absorbing the language, which is good. :)


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