Weeeee… ugh

So, my first weekend ;x

I honestly, don’t like clubs or bars, or those things. Is not my type of life. So, today I ventured into finally getting my sim card. Considering I won’t call that much,(I think), I can manage with just a few minutes monthly. Since incoming are free. And no, I won’t give my number to oversea people, not even my family, why? ;x 1 call (even by mistake) will eat my money.

So, it was rainy and cold, my throat is sore maybe cause of yesterday and today combined. I was planning (after my final successful 4th attempt to get to the store), to go out and check other places. Look out for camera prices and such. Maybe even get myself a nice sweater or so. I don’t know, specially shoes. I need shoes!

Anyway, i got my period WAY earlier than expected… so the pms didn’t allowed me to go out more. So I will just rest and hope tomorrow I feel better. Because I need to go to various places. (reminder to make a list)

AFTER and only AFTER I have control over THIS area, then I might venture to the center. Why? My legs are not fit yet to go over 3 hours of biking. And there’s A LOT to check around this area. And I SO want to go check that Hema store again. Today I just went back home cause of the pain. Oh well.

They are great so far, even with my stupid moves, they understand it all and tell me not to worry cause it will always be very hard at first but after a few weeks it will all be just normal, fine, and easy. They liked my cooking though O.O? And I just made the usual home pasta XD LOL They want to me try to make the kids eat that. Well, I already have that planned ^^ teehee They made me bake some pancakes for dinner. And well, IF they see the pancakes (which they loved more than their mother’s O.o wtf?) they wont try normal dinner. SO, they must try to eat my dinner and then AFTER as DESSERT (as it should be) they can have the pancakes. Time to fix those overly-sugar eating habits at dinner. ;x

I SO hope I feel tomorrow WAY better. I need to go out, plus there is a small party here at evening. Kind of like… multiple-playtime in a house for kids? And parents to catch up with everything concerning the bringing up of their children. So I need to be at my best to make a good impression on all those people. Feels more like being introduced into society. XD (what to wear?…. hmmm)
Well, what else did I miss… I have a weakness for 3 y/o saying “no” in the most adorable way. XD Ties keeps saying it and it’s just so cute. The girls, well, Puck very independent. And Keet, still shy about me. But after a while I think it will be fine. Still haven’t managed to get at least an hour with all of them in playtime. I hope soon, they have a LOT of interesting games <<… and yes, looking forward to it. XD

I have a life! And loving it! XD

she writes