The exercise

My legs… and it’s only me… SO not looking forward to having the kids in the same bike :(
Still haven’t had chance to play or talk with the girls. They both went to friends now. Only Ties all day, which who I use basic dutch for 3yo’s XD. Yet need to learn few more words and commands. But slowly catching up. That’s why I wish to have time with the girls, they can actually teach me consciously.

Wanted to shop today after Janet come, but, she took me for a tour. SO I’m extra tire, especially my legs. Can’t even go up the stars again for now, so I will just sit here in my floor till I feel like going back down. The cold it’s making my skin so dry my hands get easily cut. Is annoying. Want to find some baby skin lotion to use. Those are GREAT for dry skin. Wanted to get it today, but again, yea, tired.

I will get the whole day tomorrow to do so, since they all are in school till around mid-day. Let’s see, I’m recognizing everything around the house now. Hard part will come when I go further into the canal areas… which is where I want to go the most first… Don’t even know how to use the tram thingy XD but yea, baby steps… :( what to cook tomorrow… well, I have an idea >< but so hard to compare the ingredients here to the ones home. We’ll see.

HUNGRY!… but so early so dinner… :(

I want to be weekend already!

Just like any other job, can’t wait for weekend. Only difference is, I work where I sleep. So it’s all good.

Oh oh, and walking with Ties finally someone said hello to us. Everyone I see is in such hurry I’m glad some have the decency to say hello XD And I should be able to speak more freely soon, just takes me a bit to feel comfortable enough to speak to anyone. They must be thinking I’m very shy, well I am, but not after a week or so.

PS: I HATE GREEN BEANS! << (*goes buy old home style normal pink/red small beans*)

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