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Ties is on Nap. I have to get the girls at 3pm. I have to take care of them till around 6 cause their mama is going to be late. I just hope they eat as they did yesterday. -.-
I forgot to buy cat litter stones... I ALWAYS forget something, even with a list, ffs. It was a heavy one anyway, so probably I wouldn't have been able to carry it right now. So I will just tell Janet I go after she arrives using my bike.

Have Feb. 20 - 27 free to do what I want. No idea yet what. This Saturday I babysit. What else...
A cold stage is approaching again, so I must prepare. Even though this morning, my heater just went off while I was asleep. It was coooold! I woke up shaking for a while. I had to go change the dippers at the store at 8am so that warmed me up biking there. Now it's warm again in my room and it's just calling out for me. XD

I seriously should be more social, I need people to plan things with. Problem is... I never find the right people. :/ Either I join them in their crazy-drunk adventures, or I feel like a little kid beside them. Either way I don't like, so I rather not go out with them. I'm still adjusting on my own here. Feels weird to just go partying like that, is not what I want to do here. And I love going out in daylight.

So much for a quick entry, but I'm bored and have to wait till at least 30 to wake up Ties and get ready to pick up the girls. On foot. So it takes me 15 mins to get there. Hurrah for the carriage! << Magic! Sure he needs to run and jump, but sometimes he don't want to. So I'm not going to force him.

Looking forward to the dutch course, I hope I meet nice people there. And I sooo wanna wonder to bookstores on Saturday ;x... so many around, can't get enough. LOL Too bad I can't spend a fortune on them XD What else... I just hope it stays this nice weather all week and weekend. I don't mind getting lost like this. :) Although now I'm not actually, I get a bit disoriented (which is normal, ALWAYS happens) but I'm not getting lost as in, no idea where I am or how I got there. Oh well, i'll go now check Ties and then just wiat till he wakes up if he haven't.

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