Orientation: none

When i was given my gifts and talents when being born, I was so lost finding the line to be able to get the sense of orientation ability, that i got none.

Yes, I got my train pass, yes I got my phone recharge, no, I didn’t got my Bluetooth adapter. Click on the image for the full map on how lovely I did getting lost this time ;)

So I got to the store, well, the area, was easy to reach. But I didn’t found the store, just LOTS of cars and fast cars, and cars. Was scary, and I can be silly like that. After I didn’t found the store, I said, oh well, plenty of time left let’s just try to reach the center finally and there we can search a digital store. NEE! Wrong turn… and I got myself a full hour+ of finding the way back home. Looking at the map every 5 minutes, and wondering which way is north –.- zzzz Wasn’t that bad, I mean, I’m here, and it was daylight, but… :( I FAIL!!!!!! ><… I hope I learn in time to not get lost –.-

So after that, I SOOO didn’t felt like going anywhere anymore for today. And I’ll stay here, help with the kids a bit, not to be bored and just relax. Janet will teach me some things I can cook to the kids that they actually will eat (after yesterday’s failure) and also to use the laundry machine, since I also need to clean my stuff.

BTW, it was a gorgeous day today. Still is, VERY sunny. :)

I want that adapter! :(

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