For those  who know me this will sound surprising and weird. Yesterday I ate pumpkin, today carrots (lots) and something else green, and the three… yummy. Probably is the fact that vegetables are fresher here than at home. I know at home I couldn’t stand them, literally I would feel like puking if I have one in my mouth. Here… they just normal. Not strong flavor, not great flavor, kind of like rice or potatoes, just good. And juicy too. <<… So as long as the flavors of them is soft or sweet as they are so far, I can stand them. But stronger spicier ones, I still have to test. But baby steps, baby steps.
Now, the kids are so so. Ties was ranting the whole day though. He didn’t wanted to walk. They are too used to the bike, which makes them lazy. There’s a baby carriage beside the door, I’ll see if I can use that tomorrow instead so he don’t have to walk for so long. Yea, their mother told me that is better if I don’t use the bakfiets so much for now. Not with the kids in. Good with me, not good with the lazy kids, but it’s good the walk for their health. XD

This morning when we went out, there was ice on the bike and all over the cars! Good and bad. Well, P told me it’s going to get colder in the following days. So either I wish for snow, or I wish to stay inside if really cold but not snow. << Which I basically can’t. So gotta deal.

My dutch classes finally start next Monday, and early too, hurray! Only thing is finding my way around. P said he won’t take me cause I must learn to arrive by myself. Which is true. But I will have all morning after delivering the kids for that. Class start at 10am, I finish delivering kids at 9:15am. So I hope I can manage. In any case, I will ask P the address and try to find it during the weekend.
What else… FOUND my pwety scarf!!! YAY! <333 It was behind the baby carriage XD! Hmm, I’ll write more when I feel like it. XD

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