The weekends was awesome :P that’s all I will say. I have pictures of the place I went to in Facebook, Madurodam. :)

Now, onto Mondays.

I take the 3 kids to school on Mondays, the only thing I dislike about that is the bakfiets. Yet my second fall on it, kind of bad this time ;x my knee is a bit swallowed but doesn’t hurt now (no pain = blackness tomorrow ;x) oh well

After some laundry, some cleaning of my floor, grocery shopping that I so much enjoy and a nice shower. Why do I like grocery? It’s where you find common people just buying common things. :P
Now, what else, later to pick the kids, cook them some pasta and also myself, I don’t plan on doing dual cooking, I so hate that.

The day is amazingly sunny! And that makes me happy :) I’m learning more on how to move around. Which reminds me… the trains! What an adventure… lol… A special thanks to the conductor for helping me so quick without scolding me (almost). But now I learned to take trains, I hope next time it goes better. XD

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