So it’s my free day, which means it’s my day to work on my own things, not exactly fun :P
I have to go to 3 places. The station which is hella easy to get to, and get my train pass. IF they accept my picture, geeshh… THEN to the dutch version of Walmart, Hema. I need to buy the recharge card for the phone asap. Which I found that if I don’t abuse (which I usually don’t considering my social network here is still limited), I think 10 monthly will be just ok. But that store, even though I think I can find it now, I might still miss it. lol And the third place is an electronic store for my so-needed-so-addicted-to Bluetooth adapter. Since I left mine home, to send it here would cost like $20… while I can buy one here for less. BUT, never been to that side of the area, so it will be yet another adventure. I just hope I don’t fall of the bike, AGAIN. Last time was so funny I enjoyed it. talk about ironic XD

So… yesterday I spent the whole day with the kids, taking them to school, bringing them. I forgot Ties’ pass number for the kindergarden at home so I literally walked the same path 3 times in 2 hours. I felt sorry for the girls XD I was planning to use the bakfiets to bring Keet and Ties, but realizing I didn’t had the code, I had to make them walk cause Puck was already waiting for me long enough. Dinner was disaster, and so was the fail bath. But I got to spend some time playing with them 3, put some music, draw for them and they would paint it (kids seem to love it when I do that), then they went playing with some magic kit that I didn’t understood a thing of what they were doing. Then they started jumping, so after enough jumping Puck put on a dvd for the last few minutes while their mama came. Ties was adorable, he just jumped to my lap to watch the movie and Keet laid beside me. Puck is the only one that is very cold towards me. But I hope in time she warms up.
So I guess that’s it, in 30 minutes I will go out. And HOPEFULLY, the weather is better than yesterday. So far so good, it’s a bit sunny, cloudy, but sunny. And I recheck the weather forecast, it’s supposed to get prettier instead of worst now. I hope.


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