Well… a party for the kids indeed. The adults just chitchat too much. I was going up and down making sure 20 kids were ok. ;x and unbelievable, the biggest ones were the most annoy ones. They even almost went up my room, and SLAM the –CRISTAL- door, making it shake and making my heart shake. zzzz But the smaller they were, the sweeter. So, I just kept an eye on them, try to understand what they wanted, try to communicate, Fortunately one of the girls use english most of time, and the smallest of boys would use a combination of dutch and english XD He even introduced himself so cute! At least I can understand their basic needs like hunger or thirst hahahaha
Anyway, today I ventured without fear trying to find the Hema shop by myself (it was closed btw). I almost got lost, but actually recognized everything, and knew I was the wrong way, look at map, and find the way. Was really fun to do. I don’t mind doing so if I have like 4 hour to spare. The park was really busy today with some running people. Was fun to watch. Oh… I fell again :P In the middle of the street, such a funny sight, I’m happy some people could smile because of me today. XD I was heck scared for the bike ;x felt weird, but was ok, no damage. I just flew over it in an attempt to protect it by evading falling over it. XD If I fell over it, then I might have ruined it. lol
Tomorrow I have a busy day again, hope it goes good.

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