Forced by God

Sooooo… I was thinking I should pick up Keet, Puck and her friend. Keet has her own bike, Puck would go on back, and her friend on front, balance balance and all ok. But neeee, another friend came… sooo, I had 3 BIG girls on one bike. << Smothly, yes. But… omg I was sooo exhausted. But oh well, at least I didn’t fall… unlike later on my own bike. Aff…

ANYWAY, cook the pancakes, they all ate vigorously, even Ties. Yay! So while they ate, I could cook the normal dinner. I made what J taught me. Was yummy! ;x lol… but I shouldn’t eat sooo much yet, was too full. Still am. lol

Well, my family is insisting me about meeting people here in Amsterdam. But gosh is so hard to find people I can actually enjoy being around with. There’s this one Auapair I keep seeing picking up her kids but she is so… sour. Very serious, not even says hello to the other people, at least I say hello and smile and ask how are you. She’s just is always with this very serious face, just angry, or annoyed, no idea. << Make me curious, but I’m so bad at just approaching someone just because. –.- We’ll see.
For now I want to check this hairdresser close to the store and see when I can get a haircut… long hair with little time is annoying. After that I will go to buy a deadly obsession (thanks to you for showing me ;p) and then just go as far as I can deep into Amsterdam center eating bits and bits of that delicious chocomintydrug. And enjoy the day, and enjoy, and enjoy. Till I have to babysit at night. :) Hope the day is as wonderful as today was, heck I was even getting too hot inside buildings, couldn’t stand the coat. So it was just right. ^^

Ohhh and dreams in dutch starting, no idea what they say, wasn’t such a nice dream. But thing is, once dreams in a language start is a sign of adaptation. 

Tomorrow I will take my time to do a few things before going out. Write some emails individually… that should take a while ;x, fill up more papers for the ING, and yea… after that I go out :)

she writes