First three days

Haven’t been able to write, not even on my journal. But since I’m awake early today, and they seem to be very punctual when they say 7:30am (all is dark downstairs 5 mins from that). I will write just a bit of recap.

1. My Clothing suitcase was lost in Matinair, but they sent it the next day punctually. OOOHHH I sooo needed a bath and new clothing.  Made me feel more relaxed.

2. My floor is very cozy, right now too hot XD I should turn down the heater, but then when I come back I’m shaking.

3. Ties loves me, Puck was away with a friend, and Keet still don’t talk to me although I believe she understands English the most. Trying to speak with Ties in both english and dutch. As I go I see what phrases or words I need to learn and I look them up.

4. No course for now but we waiting for a call.

5. Getting lost around is fun, not exactly lost, but more like unable to see the places by myself at first.

6. Need to kick out the shyness of speaking dutch with the kids in front of the parents –.- is not like I can’t.

7. Food! << need to get used to how different things taste here. And Gosh! How can they eat such sweet things so early!

8. Need to get used to the bell-silence sound. <<

9. The bike… tall… the lowered it, still tall. AND HEAVY! Makes me wonder how I will be able to use the one with the basket. I rather go on foot. LOL I mean, I can manage after a bit of practice, been ages since I used the bike. But I NEVER used such heavy ones.
Gotta go now. More when I have time again XD

she writes