During the trip


My flight takes off in more than an hour :P And I’m so lazy I will just sit here in the mean while. Instead of dragging my “heavy” stuff around. Cold is starting to kick in and I’m just in PR, but yea, the air-conditioning here they set it up too high. So high I put my over sweater on because I was starting to feel the cold and I feel I will soon have to put the scarf on because my neck its getting cold. But I’ll wait to see how cold is in plane. Probably not that much, but what do I know, I’ve never been in a plane since I was 5. So I guess I’ll have to wait. I hope the battery on this laptop last me at least 4 entries of this one. Writing it in Windows Live Writer (software I love) so I will save it till I am about to arrive in Amsterdam. Or probably till after I arrive. Should be easier. And I’m so bored I’m writing all my thoughts down. lol But yea, I can’t use the internet here. I’ll see if I can over there so I can get online to say hello.

5:44am / 12:44am

On the plane, can’t sleep more than I already had. :p

Mp3, music, videos, movie half way. Just booooreeeeeddddd. Well, would be good if I was sitting beside a talkactive nice lady. But now I’m sitting beside a Philipin I think. No talking there. And I’m so jelaous of this girl who has a whole 3 sit road to herself, she’s sleeping like a baby. :( I was about to move there when she decided to change first. Grrrrrr. So I’m not exactly tired. Headache all day but that’s understandable. The dinner here was AMAZING! I actually ate it all! :P Well, almost, couldn’t make fit the choco cake. Anyway.

Didn’t got exactly lost. They gave me directions on how to get out of AA and on to Matinair. But I couldn’t read those tiny letters saying EXIT in blue. Maybe they should make it red. It was until a guy told me “a blue rampage” that I managed to get out. The exercise of my life. The next gate was WAY too far. My right shoulder will be black tomorrow or so. This cute laptop weights too much for my shoulder. :( I wish my sister had bought me an actual backpack instead of this. Oh well.
After finding the place I waited, listening to who was dutch or not so I wouldn’t get lost. So many people there. From all places, but it was cause all the gates had sits together, so everyone was mixed up. Was fun looking at all the type of people there. Time flew there. Unlike here, I’m flying, time is just jogging.

Three or so more hours to go. SO far, all perfect. Even the flight went ahead schedule instead of delayed. In a way I don’t want to fall asleep now cause I want to see the sun come up. But I’ve been sleeping 30 mins every 2 hours so that’s why I’m not sleepy either.
What can I say about this first time in a plane after so many years… Turbulence, nothing to be scared of. Didn’t even felt it till now. Ear pressure, same. Didn’t noticed till I swallowed. Now… hate the sits, and the corridors. AND the person in front of my trying to force his chair back against my computer’s will. >< aff.

OK, I’ll go see what else to do.

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