;x fun stuff. I felt like a little kid playing with bikes again XD

Maar…. i fear for the kid’s safety with me and that bike  << I had problem balancing with that big bucket on. After 30mins of practice, a fall, a bank crashed (i broke it, shh, the bike is ok), I finally managed to keep it straight, but the turns I’m still learning although better. Stopping I am managing too, as long as I keep the bike straight I won’t go to the floor. (That’s how I hit ground) They lowered it too so now i can reach it easy. It’s just the balance problem, it’s a WHOLE different bike. I’m seriously considering going on foot to school tomorrow while I take more time to practice. Oh, and if you want to learn something new, without people looking at you, or at least without you knowing they look at you and laugh their asses out, do it at night. ;x Hence… I shall learn. In 30 mins I improved greatly, so give it 2 more hours of that among 2 – 3 days, and I will be good to go.

As for my own, I thought it was heavy… I’m starting to think it’s too tight. Because the bakfiets it’s supposed to be heavier, and it is, but once I’m running, it feels just right. As for my own, while riding it, I have to make extra strength and it doesn’t have anything to make weight on it. Even moving the maneuver it’s hard. Must be too tight. I am weak on strength but not that much so come on.
Oh well, tomorrow is going to be harder… I love this, but I’m so not looking forward to tomorrow. All the things to do… at least the kids will be in school. But the hard part is managing time. They all go out at different times. Plus I have to make dinner, plus their clothing, trash, normal shores, etc. PLUS shop for the dinner, FOR the FIRST time… I should be such a nice funny enjoyable sight to look at ALL day. lol… god help. XD

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