Well yesterday was a “perfect” day. well… 99% , so YAY!

First I walked the girls to school, then too care of Ties then got the girls back. Puck was angry at me because I told her she cannot bring her friend home since I don’t know where she lives. If they want to play she needs to ask her mother when she picks them. But, seeing her brother and sister playing along the path (which is better than just sitting on the bike since I’m in no hurry) eventually got to her and she was shyly having fun. After we got home, they obediently had their lunch as told, except for Keet but in which case Puck FINALLY helped me with her. And we managed around Keet so she would eat her real lunch before the sweet one. After that Ties went to bed, didn’t wanted at first but was actually playing on the way to the room and knew it was nap time (PASS nap time btw) so he didn’t protested at the end. Then the girls didn’t ran to watch TV! HURRAY! Instead they took out the operation game (which I finally saw it did worked –.-) and played all the time left like good girls. Then their mama come home and I’m off to explore.

Wasn’t extremely sunny like the previous two days, but was dry and light enough. First I finally managed a decent short route to Kinkerstraat (must say my favorite street to shop so far). Lock my bike just before entering so I could look at the shops peacefully (memorizing WHERE I put it just in case << took me a while to do so XD). There I found the bluetooth adapter, cheap and quick… just begging I can make it work with the headset so I won’t be a slave to the cable one. Although I like it. But for pictures it works. It accepts the cellphone. I just want it to accept the headset. :( Well, saw a LOT of shoe stores… gosh I wanted at least a pair… << Cheap too. LOL And lots of other places. Well, I went back to the park and took the straight path now to the center of the city. Only explored like 1/10th of it. I mean… to explore it all I would need to wake up and go around 10am, and stay all day, enough money to also eat. So nah, I go bits by bits. I went to the shopping street (A) –just- bellow dam square. So next time I will go up instead of stopping in that –mall/stores- and make it to Dam Square. I have a whole year ;p

On the way back I explored the Museum area and found the –IAMSTERDAM- letters. Would have taken a decent picture but the front side was covered by a temporary skate park. XD At least I know where to find it and once I can I take a picture. :) Now, I –almost- got lost on the way back, but didn’t, saw where I was in the map quickly enough to turn back before I got lost again. Unlike the other time (actually seeing the market’s sign and not crossing, gesshhh…)

So, I did got a few things, and an exceptionally gorgeous jacket… ;p couldn’t resist. But I was looking for one for days now (making sure I don’t waste the money on other worthless things), and I LOVE it, on discount too! =D!

PS: Pwety Scarf still lost :( Me want it back!!!! (I’m starting to suspect the cats took it <<… what? it’s possible…) *snif*

On other notes on how I’m feeling here apart from the whole –trying to adjust- stage; This place feels weirdly familiar ;x I mean, since I got here… it looks like… how should I put it :) no offense to anyone but, where I should be, where I belong, as if it was just waiting for me. Hence I didn’t felt strange when I arrived, more like very familiar. Except from not knowing anyone and getting used to living with new people, the rest is just… weirdly familiar. :) (*wonders when she will go through the –homesick- stage XD)

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