5th day

So far good, today is my last day of the week. And the one day that has me a bit nervous in a silly way. More like its all new. But I will get used to it, it’s actually really fun. I try to wake up at 6 – 6:30. Paul says its too early, but I hate rushing in the mornings sleepy. So I take this whole hour+ to stretch, change, coffee, news, email, blog, and be able to be fully awake and aware to go downstairs without looking zombie. LOL If I were to wake up as soon as I need, I wouldn't be able to even have my coffee. I got used to the time change more than quick. After the first day I was already set. XD
My knees hurt now more than yesterday and they are indeed purple/black. Good thing I can’t  wear skirts or dresses here. But yea, all this exercise will definitely keep me in shape. I don’t even have time for random food except breakfast, lunch and dinner. I do hope my muscles do get stronger over time. My whole but hurts on biking, my legs on stairs and now my knees. But that is just me whining, after a bit I won’t even feel it. So I’ll have to endure it in the meanwhile. I do try to be in movement as much as I can, so I won’t feel it. Ties keeps me busy enough with that. But for the first time I hate just sitting and watching tv. Even if it’s an easy way to take care of kids. XD It’s… BORING. Unless I have to clean up or something then I can just leave him with it while I do so. I do sit for a few minutes trying to understand the TV. It’s cartoon after all, should be easy. But yea, doing that for at least 15 mins daily helps me understand better how people talk here. Spending so many hours with a 3yo on just pure dutch I find myself even using some words on thoughts. XD

I’m using a lot the blog cause it’s faster to type. My poor journal is sitting on the desk but I really haven’t had time for it like that. Used to take me some time before sleep to write on it. Maybe I should do that again, just 5 mins quota of writing in it. Oh well. Now I go, 10 mins and I go wake Ties up. 

she writes