Sick sick, stomach sick right now. Yesterday I thought was anxiety. Just to wake up like this, gosh I feel horrible, so does my sister, and my brother. But I still feel weird that soon, in a week, I’m going to be gone. To a whole different world. I’ve been re-reading the Dutch lessons I’ve collected these past few months, learning few new words useful with kids. I talked with the current au pair more and also with two more au pairs. Well, make it three. It seems a bit unreal that in a few days I’m going to be making new friends, knowing new surroundings, gaining new experience and memories. Been stuck here for so long I find it so unreal.

What I will find difficult (other than food and weather) is finding the right people to hang out with. I’m not a party girl, never been, and don’t think I’ll ever be. I love personal reunions, small private parties where everyone just catch up with each other and remember the past. I’m more of a library/museum girl, just walking and watching my surrounding is enough for me. I have my own weird taste in music, and not to mention I hate being surrounded by hundred of people not being able to move. And so far what I’ve seen from usual au pairs, they are party girls. Sure they want to experience everything, and it’s how they enjoy their freedom. But  I’m not like that. So I wonder if I’ll find nice people I can hang out with.

Thanks to the fact that I found the current aupair in facebook, I was able to see more pictures of what awaits me. Where I will live, the gorgeous kids (not to brag, their cuteness and adorableness is out of this world), the area, and so on. So far all it’s settled, only thing waiting to be arranged is the classes, which I will have time over there to search. I have enough vocabulary to defend myself trying to understand the kids. It’s using it that’s the problem, takes me ages to think what to say and translate. But the language is slowly becoming automatic thank god. I hate translating, I rather think in the language I’m going to use.

The Aupair told me the girls love having people drawing to them. So they will really love me. And after thinking a bit whether I should bring them a gift or not, I decided to do some nice drawings for them. I still need to work on Ties’. But, I just remember I can’t take a picture of them yet. I just canceled my phone plan yesterday. And the sim card is out to make sure it don't get reactivated. But I need a useless sim card from another company to be able to use the cellphone. Which sucks, I think I will wake up at 2am, (sure that no one will call) and put the chip back since I also forgot to write down the numbers. I still have to ask on when can I have a phone plan once I arrive, I need a bank account, so I also need to ask if I can use my current one, or need to open one there. Those two questions, plus who will pick me up so I know who to look for and who to call. I guess that’s about it. Also reading on flying for the first time (ALONE). Hope I don’t get lost.

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