December Updates

It’s less than a month for me to be on my way to Netherlands. Can’t say I’m calm, neither panicking, yet. Was dealing with some things that didn’t allow me to fully concentrate on me going. But, now it’s better. And I realized… 25 days… and I’ll be gone. Yesterday I went with mom to buy my gloves, the only thing I was missing. But on the way I found a kid’s winter coat, XL, for boys… which fit me just perfect. LOL I look fat on it, but it should save me some money when searching for one there, you know, those cold/wet/windy weather coats? It’s just black, very simple, but perfect. I was playing around with all I bought before plus now. Hence the pictures :P, pardon my enthusiasm. But yea, I never really had more than a pound of clothing over me in my life. Heaviest thing I’ve worn has been this huge sweater from my ex, which was very heavy but perfect for the movies which was extremely cold. XD

See the scarf? Yesh, the lovely colorful scarf from ebay. Can’t say I’m not tempted to buy the brown one. But for now one will do.  The second picture is what I might actually use when I leave. ;p Is the only clothing out of the luggage. And yea, probably I packed way too early. But, I don’t exactly have space for new clothing so it’s better in the luggage. I’m still tempted to browse through ebay. Hehe. But yea, the money I have left is to buy my handbag and probably socks… good warm long ones. And if anything left… don’t know if good shoes other than the pair I will be taking with me along with the boots.

Enough about clothing, language. A friend made me realized I need to learn vocabulary that will be useful with the kids. Like commands, name of toys, heck even say ‘toys’, which I haven’t look up. So I’m making a list of basic things that I will try to learn before I go. Three word sentences, simple, direct, what I need most is to learn nouns. It’s completely opposite to Japanese. With Japanese the nouns are easy, the verbs are hard. So I will be doing that.

I guess that’s all. I want it to be January already.

she writes