All is good

You know what’s great? Feeling everything is going to be ok.
A long time ago, way before I had the idea of Au Pair, I nap in the car. Usually I won’t enter a meditative stage because of the radio or mom talking or whatever. But when I do, I have some pretty cool images. And it’s that why I like napping so much. Same reason I like sleeping so much, to be able to dream. Well, that day I had this vision, Mom was telling me on the phone, she sent my favorite pillows to me by mail. Turn out I was in NL. And she was sending me my green roll-up pillow, which I LOVE for my neck and headaches. Well, at that moment I had no idea I would be going to NL. I wanted to? Not at that point, was more like wondering. My real idea at that moment was going to Spain. And so I spent time believing it was in fact Spain. Until I re-read my journal, clearly said, NL. I was overjoyed at how things were turning out. Later on I had another one which help me more with something else. Keep up the faith, keep up the hope. And now, I was napping, and I saw something else, an scene and an idea that followed out of nowhere, which might define my future as I want it. Who knows… all I know is that everything is going to be just fine. And this Au Pair experience is just the beginning of a whole lifetime.  I feel blessed with all the opportunities I’m getting.

she writes