Well, I just received a mail from them saying they call yesterday but I didn't pick up. Well... the screen said "unknown", and I usually don't pick up like that because it might be someone playing a prank or something. But, that gave me the chance to call today to my wireless provider and ask for the international rate for this month. Better than paying $2+ per minute. It's $3.99 per month plus 0.09 per minute to local lines and 0.27 to mobiles to call to NL.

Yes, skype should be cheaper. It is, when it comes to land lines (to mobiles is the same price). But truth is, I'm not sure how much I will talk on phone with them. So why should I pay $10+ to make just one call in skype? And it's hard for me to pay for skype quick. So yes, I activated the international call. I will edit this entry when they call with what we talked about.
Edit: they didnt call yet :)

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