Wishing Power = Scary (not)

Yes, indeed it is. I said I prayed the aupair would answer me right? And then she did, and last night I ask for the family to answer me with a positive attitude and in a way give me a certain comfort of knowing I can go by January. ^^!!! I'm really exited! I want to tell everyone but he wants it to be a surprise :P so yea, it's more fun that way, but hard for me to keep shush XD! But yes, I will. I just need my passport to begin the arrangements.

Hopefully I will go by beginning of January, so scary... YAY! haha
Last night I was pondering about weather clothing... yes, since I don't even remember the last time I saw a coat up close. So I had to go around asking about coats since I have no idea about material and stuff. I learned a few things and I think I found the one and cheap! It's from ebay, duh, where else can I find a cheap one and warm and cute. It's waterproof too, which is a must. I wonder if I can get it as XMAS gift :P

Mom did ask me about it all, she's worried about the people, she says she would feel better if he knew my friend. So she knows I'm not all alone over there. Still, I know it will all go well. I'm not sure of the possibilities of staying another year if all goes well. But I guess I will figuret hat one out when the time comes. Because I do have a feeling, I won't want to go after a year. Who knows, this is just the beginning.
"A ship is safe in harbor - but that's not what ships are for." - John A. Shedd

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