September Updates

Stupid passport papers. Well, I got a letter, exited, I open it and it said I need 5 documents, instead of the 3 I sent. So I have to rush tomorrow to send them. I hope it won't take too long if I do. I wrote the family, they are kind and patient right now. I really wish to work for them... my mind already have play so many scenarios that I'm actually already looking forward to meeting them so much. :( We'll see what happens.

Learning dutch as I can with some website, and I'm making some good progress, except when it comes to pronunciation. Still working on it, too hard. XD They moved from house as I said and I was searching curiously at how houses look there. :P Hard to find, although I did found some videos... can you spell STAIRS? Lots of them :P But as for the outside of how houses are, I'm still illusive... 3 floors, that's tall. But most pictures I find, most of those houses all look like museums and restaurants to me (fancy... XD) even the ones that say "typical house in Amsterdam".

I told one of my best friends... the one that was left to know. She reacted ten times worst than I thought my mom ever would. XD!!!! I love her. hahahaha There are still some people left to tell. I've been tempted to do so, but I want it to be a surprise, especially because the people left to tell, are the ones that will get to see me. They will be so happy when they know. I doubt they figure out anything yet. If they knew me, they would figure that when they joke about me going there and I stay quiet, it's because something goes on. While if I don't, then I'm joking and it's not going to happen. Because I'm weird like that. And then there is dad. He told me seriously interrupting my conversation with mom. That he needed to talk to me seriously because I haven't told him anything yet. I told him I will, when I have everything organize and secure. Because I find it lame, telling him, and then having to say, well something else came up. That sucks. ^^ So I rather save it for when I have all organize and talk with the family by phone.

Please let it be January already. :) Well... please let me get my passport already first O.O... Boy oh boy will I have problems with food. :) Probably the fact that I'm in unfamiliar territory will make me actually eat whatever I am given. We'll see. ^^ Randomness ftw!

"A ship is safe in harbor - but that's not what ships are for." - John A. Shedd

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