*scratches head*

So the family was right, I need a round ticket, OR a one way ticket out of NL. In order to get on plane. Ifound out by a story I read and did some research. That's not the problem, problem is, that for a round trip I need to buy the ticket on January. And not before, because they won't allow me to pick a year-long date. So I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do in this case. It will probably end up in buying the ticket in January anyway. Is not like I can buy a one-way one that will be used a year from now either. So it's a tight thing. In any case, more money will be spent in the ticket. I just don't know how much money. Since like I say, I have to wait till January to be able to buy it. I'll see what I have to do, first... still waiting for my passport. Please please let them be patient.

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