Coat Noob(ness)

So, mom has given dad hints but all he said was "She's old enough, she can go wherever she wants as long as she knows what's she's doing." LOL, my daddy is great.
And I'm still doing coat research, I won't have problem with clothing because there's a lot of cheap stuff here. It's the coat i worry about. How about this?

Well, looks elegant + cute :) And I like gray instead of black, because well... once black's color fade, it fade... gray... it just looks gray. XD And it's also my size plus great price. ;) A $159.00 at $39 + shipping. Sounds good to me. :) And yes, Ebay FTW! XD

I got this answer form a girl with detailed info on how to choose the right coat. So that's what I searched for... the fabric, wool is naturally protective against water and wind, the polyester inline, the pockets, hmmm, and the length. I also like the high neck. ^^! If I do buy this one, I need to find proper accessories for the color. I mean... I do like color, in a very unconventional way. And the only colors that would match this would be pink, red or black. And like I said, I don't plan on getting anything black but the boots. Probably if I can find red would be great. :) All those things I will search in the island. Even if it's tropical, many people travel to the states on holiday, so they sell a lot of winter clothing. The coats are the problem. I shouldn't go near winter though, on that time they put everything on very high prices. It's a great time to buy the next year's swimwear, but not for winter wear. XD You get the cutest swimsuit that used to be $80, at $10 or $20... yea something like that. Same goes for winter clothing in summer. Big DUH. But yea, I need to take advantage it's still September.... early October at the latest.

Still wating for my passport. Hope it doesn't take long. :)

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