Coat! Abrigo! Jas!

Well, I was seriously giving second thoughts on the cute one... especially because it didn't said what material it was. And my main concern is that, I was told to go for 100%Wool and polyester lining. And to go below that scares me that it would not be enough. So I was in time to big around $32 on it, and I would have. But I'm like that, if I have second thoughts on something I want to buy, then I will not buy it. So I searched quickly just in case I could find something better. And 30 mins later, tada!

My first coat EVER!!!!

It's in the USA, $19.99 + shipping, well taken care of, perfect size, great color (not too white not too gray); also 100% wool and polyester lining! What else.... Oh! Money order accepted! Well yes, I don't have a PayPal account, although I should. But Money Order is good for me. YAY! I'm sight! It's my first coat ever! I'm not sure if it will do the trick there or not, but I hope it will help me through while I can get my hands on a better one, but if it does? Then I'm not buying other; probably a thinner one for rainy days in summer. So yea, YAY!!!!!!! <3 p="">

The seller told me that it was just probably waiting fro me to come along... well, I have this sense, that certain items do look like they have my name on it, and yesh, this one applies. It's when I don't have doubts on buying. I wonder what she meant with "great original style"... hmmm, I know I do, and I know it's not your usual color for a coat, but... I hope it looks good and keeps me warm and cozy. Also probably... as a bonus, a certain someone to like it... if not an "it's ok" would be good :P LOL

Now, I called the agency about my passport and the lady told me that if I sent the documents a week ago, I should get the passport in a week. (I do hope.... it's getting annoying.)
So it's my migraine, but I keep forgetting to turn down computer brightness once I'm done viewing something full screen. It quickly hurts my eyes. Good thing mom just bought some aspiring or I would have trouble sleeping.

This is all... I should mail the family though...

"A ship is safe in harbor - but that's not what ships are for." - John A. Shedd

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