Life winning lessons

I was re-reading my current journal a few days back. Just to find how my writing style has changed. I barely record any events from the past. I do however keep a record of my dreams and wishes. My goals and aspirations. My current happiness. Instead of why I'm angry or sad, I record why I'm happy. It's like a way to remember why I was happy then, and so I will be grateful for it. And I will be happy again when I remember that single happiness. The problem with people lately and their endless pursuit of happiness is the fact that they focus too much on the "what could have been". Instead of the "what will it be". They make their past experiences, good or bad, their focus. Living in memories. They have regrets of things they did and did not do. I remember I used to do that a lot. But slowly my focus went from my past to my future, and even more to my present. Because there is no better moment to be happy than now.

Now, there are fine lines which are hard for most people. I won't say it comes easy to me, but I can say I do have more practice on it. There was this particular entry on my journal on a wish I made. The thing is, it was an abstract dream, not where, nor when, not how, just a wish from the heart of how I wanted to lead my life once and for all. A month later, a series of events started to unfold. Writing my wishes has always worked on me. It's like the pen is a magic wand and the paper, the words, the material manifestation of what I want. And later on, it comes true. I won't lie saying they ALL come true. Cause they don't. But there's a difference in attitude. With another attitude, I would just go, "oh that's impossible, of course, it won't come true. I wish this blah blah but it will never happen anyway." That's the kind of wishing I hear the most all the time, especially from mom. With my attitude, I think this, "well, my wish didn't come true, because I wasn't wishing well." And yes, there is a right way to wish and a wrong way to wish. Search through history and you will find how many people have managed to control life around them at will by pure wishful thinking. Religions, civilizations, people. The Paleolithic period use images to attract wealth like animals and food. They believe it worked. And probably it did, who knows.

Now I'm no expert. But I know a few tricks that have worked for me. Words are powerful, choose the right words, know what you want, and know where to aim. Sure luck is part of it, only if you don't trust your power. ;) So there is what you want. You can't possibly get what you are not sure about. To plant a tree you must know what tree you are planting to prepare the soil and the environment. Or be able to choose the proper place where it will grow. Then how, you must explore realistic possibilities before wishing. You must let life know you are working on it, that you truly want it. Can't wish on a tree to grow tall and strong if you do not take care of it with basic knowledge. Probably it will grow on its own, true, but only if it's meant to. But don't you feel better than even if it didn't, you did your best to make it possible? For example. You wish to have better grades. But you don't study… now, where's the wrong there? Unless the teachers are incompetent or the tests just suck, I don't think you will get better grades without studies. And forget about all that general BS. Like, meeting the love of your life, having the house of your dreams, the car of your dreams, or the vacation of your dreams. One big reason dreams get delayed. Example, "I wish I could meet the love of my life." There are two things wrong here. Number one, the –I could-. Remember I said: "Words are powerful"? Well, when you say "I could" you are keeping the wish in the constant future. And there it will be staying until you say otherwise. Secondly, the love of your life, right? And the wishing well will go, "uhuh, and you eat that with salt or pepper?" You say the love of your life, but do you even have any idea of what kind of person you want in your life? No? I thought so. And if you do, stop reading and go for it.

Now let me rephrase the wish again. "I wish to meet the person I will spend the rest of my life with, who will (not would) treat me like XXXXXXXX and will be like XXXXXX." And forget about being too picky or specific. The people, who get what they want, know what they want. And you got to aim higher than high to get to the high spot at least. Here comes the block. "I'm wishing this too much, I'm asking too much, I don't think I should." Well, WRONG. You should. That's a big problem nowadays. People don't give themselves enough value. If you deserve the best, just admit it, you believe so, the heck with the rest. As long as you believe it, you will shine. Why do you think there are some kinds of people that just get attention without wanting it? They believe that they are worth living. And this kind of positive energy attracts more positive energy. Like attracts likes. Or so they say. And it's true when it comes to the mind. If your mind is set on negative, you will only notice the bad things around you and the closed doors. And if your mind is set on positive you will be able to ignore those close doors that don't matter at all (they are close anyway) and will start to notice the open ones and the good things around you. You will be like walking down the park, you stumble and fall, and when you are standing up you find yourself looking at this wonderful sun fall. If you are positive you will notice the sun fall and will be happy to have fallen otherwise you wouldn't have noticed. And if you are negative, you will just curse out, look at your foot, stand up, and walk away in a bad mood.

So far is like this. Know what you want, explore realistic options, and wish for help with it. But positive. You can not say, "I wish I could." You must say "I wish this." And that's it. It's like a royal right. First come first served. You need to ask and it will be given. But here's the catch and the thin lines. You must be thinking, "what's wrong with the world than with so many people wishing for peace?" Well, everything. Yes, everything is wrong with that wish. First of all, "We wish for peace around the world." The world? BS. True peace starts from within. Wish for peace for yourself, and watch the domino effect take over, it's magical. ;) "I wish there were no more wars." Again, BS, negative, negative. You are wishing for no wars and you are attracting war. Why? Cause words exist to name things that exist. Sure, you cannot ignore the reality of it, but at least don't add to it. What's a good wish on peace? Real peace? "I wish to have peace and happiness in my life so I share it with the world." J Now THAT'S a wish.

This has been long. But the last line on material wishes, they suck. Don't wish for material if you don't wish for life first. After you have your life balance and life is happy with you and you with it. Then you will be able to wish material. But it takes time, sometimes years. So many get impatient and lose sight of their wish. That's why you see so many unhappy people. If you ask someone truly happy what their wishes are, they will tell you, they are coming true. Because they wished years ago to be where they are now, step by step. Consciously or unconsciously. I write wishes all the time, sometimes unconsciously, and forget about them. And when I read, I just have to be thankful for it. Being thankful and being happy is the best reward you can give life to allowing you to be here.

You cannot cheat life. Life is old and wise. The thing is that you want some things but you cannot expect to have them now. You must give it time. But as time goes by you might change and the things you wanted then you might not want them now. And it's because of this you never got them. If you don't have something, you might wonder and might ask why you didn't. Maybe you never actually wanted it enough. And maybe when you look back and do like a map of how you have to lead your life so far, you might notice suddenly that there is something that you have indeed always wanted. And you have been wishing for it, unconsciously. Or you have been playing little mind stories about it thinking it's good. When in fact you have been telling the whole universe that you want that. And something abruptly starts to end, and you find yourself in a whirlpool of confusion and you ask why that is happening to you. I always go with, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Because life might seem random but is less than it. We make life. And well, some things start to happen just because they need to happen for something else to happen. People play the victim and just stay stuck there, suffering the unchangeable, the past. So probably something awful stops you from pursuing something and years pass and you kept doing something else. And then something amazing happened to you. And you might say its luck, but, would the same thing have happened if you didn't go by what you went through? It's all a chain of events unfolding every second.

Now the chains of events are always occurring, whether we notice them or not. Haven't you felt how sometimes you have this whole new pack of battery and you just feel like you can take over the world? And then a few days later, you feel down? Well, that's the wave of life. Life is energy. And I might not understand the reason of why we should feel so low at times. But I do like to think of it like this. Life is like a wave, and when you are up, you must expect to be down soon. And so when you are down, you must also expect to be up again soon. That's the only expectation I allow in my life. When it comes to wanting something, all you can do is want it. The rest is up to the events you control and those you don't. And those you don't, you must face them with a positive attitude. Expectations are a big no-no for wishing. Expectation keeps you wondering whether you will get it or not, it usually keeps you wondering on doubt. And doubt is not good when it comes to being true to what you want. If you want something, you must believe you can get it, yet not expect it. Because like I say, maybe there is a reason for you NOT to get it in the first place. Whatever happens, happens. Right? You can hope, but the hope is not the same as expectation. Hope is like this light that guides you through the darkest tunnel. The expectation in you walking blindly through that tunnel and not knowing if there is the next step or not, and if there is none, you will be angry there isn't; instead of being happy you just finished that path and now you are somewhere else.

(I would keep going but I have to finish a certain miss drawing <<, more like a fix. So, estate quieta Mindy querida q lo arreglo ahora. I will do a third part if I remember what else I missed. Or if someone asks questions XD! Which I hope not. LOL)

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