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Currently Reading: The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

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I'm not going to leave you, Dasha. We are not going to leave each other. We can't be left alone. You know that we all need one other person. One other person to remind us we are still human beings and not beasts.
The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons, page 316.

Oh my poor poor heart...

That moment when a book touches your soul and you feel too overwhelmed to continue reading, but you keep reading with a bit of hope and fight against the blurriness of the words.

LUMINESCENT - chapter 01 - ashes

I decided to begin publishing my novel's chapters as I go on tablo.io

I want to update every week, preferably twice a week. So this will keep me motivated to keep working on it. I started it on NaNoWriMo 2012. I guess it is about time I begin sharing it in order to move on to the next story. :)

It is a very complicated story about friendship, love, betrayal, new worlds and the discovery of one's true self. Gates open now and then at random moments, but each gate leads to a different place. Those who can create them abandoned the task long ago after tragedy came to their world. Now it is strictly forbidden to create dimensional gates, unless naturally occurring. In which case, it is the gate keeper's job now to seal them.

A gate opens one day and Shea's best friend disappears. Where did she go? Shea does not know, until one day, it happens to her.

The complication about this story is that it follows Shea and her imaginary world since her birth and the consequences of her peculiarities.

Feel free to read it and leave feedback, as I want to make it epic!

Currently Reading

“WHAT did it cost the soul to lie? At every step, with every breath, with every Soviet Information Bureau report, with every casualty list and every monthly ration card? From the moment Tatiana woke up until she fell into a bleary sleep, she lied. She wished Alexander would stop coming around. Lies. She wished he would end it with Dasha. Alas. More lies. No more trips to St. Isaac’s. That was good news. Lies. No more tram rides, no more canals, no more Summer Garden, no more Luga, no more lips or eyes or palpitating breath. Good. Good. Good. More lies. He was cold. He had an uncanny ability to act as if there were nothing behind his smiling face, or his steady hands, or his burned-down cigarette. Not a twitch showed on his face for Tatiana. That was good. Lies. 
The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons, page 221.

Not sure how I am feeling about all of this at the moment. I am sure the story is going to move forward. But I am feeling slightly tired of the whole same drama between them. And just want to scream at Tania that her sister is a slut. The tension is good though, oh yes.

Proxima by Stephen Baxter

A book review

Stories of human survival and the discovery of new worlds have always fascinated me. Yuri Eden (not his real name) is taken from his base on Mars (ruled by the Chinese government) and set along with hundreds on a ship to colonize the planet Proxima C. The space drama unfolds as the colonists attempt to survive in this new planet and make it their own, as well as back on Earth, where a impending war emerge between the two hemispheres, leading to cataclysm.

The story lines are, for the most part, divided, though linked and converge at the very end. I fail to realize the reason for my love of this kind of structure, but it always gets me. The world building is so detailed that I had to slow down sometimes to be able to picture it all. From the creatures to the fauna and the lakes, the night-less sky of the planet. (That is coming from someone who dreads descriptive writing.) Fortunately there is enough going on through which kept me reading. 

“Every door I pass is one way. So I may as well look around, and see what there is beyond the next door, and the next.”
The characters seemed flat at first, but as their story developed I began to grow an affection for them, in a cheering way, and the wish to see them thrive in the unknown. I do not look into the science, it does not have to be real to be entertaining. I truly enjoyed the journey. You know you are reading a good book when you find yourself mumbling or even talking out loud while you read passages which catch you by surprise.

However, there was one part of the book which bothered me. One of the Proxima C natives is manipulated by her mother and those around her, making her go against her own heart, taking her away form her real home. She was supposed to be determined and brave this whole time, and yet here that scene failed. I felt it was rushed in order to get our main hero going, getting rid of them. This character went out of character, and I guess it is one of my reading peeves.

I am curious about what the second book brings with them. I truly loved it and would recommend it to anyone interested in discovery and self preservation as well as the psychology behind what defines us as a human race. There is so much I wish to share about this book, but it would lead up to spoilers, so I will check out here.

The Waking Engine by David Edison

A book review

My love: ♥♥♥♥♥

There is a beautiful madness in this book.

Cooper is a fat gay New Yorker who wakes up somehow in the City Unspoken, a city where mortals and gods come to die. A concept which will leave you amazed once you grasp the meaning of it. The plot is difficult to understand if you are of the impatient kind. But once you do you will feel the need to continue.

“What's afterlife?" Asher asked, sincerely, indicating a trio of passing shoppers laden with brightly colored bags, who turned up their noses. "There's only life.” 

The end of death is coming and everyone will drown in their own madness. The true plot here is a deeper one on life and death, the way each character face this and their immortality. This leads us to complex characters from which even those appearing in one mere scene have you wishing to know
more about them. The phase is constant and the views constantly change. Much like movie scenes.

I truly enjoyed this book. Is my kind of book and I am certain it is not everyone's kind. It is not a mainstream read, nor is it meant for you to connect on a personal level to anyone but the worlds. But these kind of stories are what I consider forsaken and underestimated jewels. I never marked a book so much with so many flags and sticky notes. I would not have minded if it was 600 pages long.

Currently Reading

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

After finishing my last 3 books during my camping holidays (of which I still need to post a review about) I randomly began the ever romantic, ever heartbreaking and subtly bittersweet The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. It was not my intention to read it right away. And yet, from the first lines it captivated me. The phase just right. The characters sublime. Though I do not infuse in any particular romantic reading pleasures, there are a few books that do captivate me and make me sigh like a teenager discovering love for the first time.

I must confess, after reading some reviews, I am dreadfully afraid of the pages to come. I am afraid of the heartbreak and the anger I will feel. But I am also exited, because isn't this how good books should be?

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A Book Quote 

“So while Asher and Sesstri fought their battles and Cooper flew into madness, Osebo the Leopard took it upon himself to tend to the child, and to see if he could kindle in Nixon's eyes the ghost of wonder he knew had once lived there. They all had that, and as a rule they all lost it one way or another; in that way, Osebo mused, they were no different than the First People.”
The Waking Engine by David Edison, pg. 189

I am enjoying the slow phasing of this book a lot. The characters are so deep and just one scene introducing Osebo and I love him. ♥
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